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Up level your virtual event production and easily create professional live streams using Socio's integrated streaming solution.

Easy to Use Streaming Platform Built for [keyword].

You shouldn't have to be techie to stream high quality events. This means your live streaming solution should live within your event platform and deliver high-production-value results with self-service ease.

Single Platform

Total Flexibility

Best-in-Class Support

Socio Streaming is fully integrated into an end-to-end event platform, offering a seamless experience. Launch in seconds - no downloads or logins required.

Need another streaming solution? The Socio Event Platform integrates with the leading streaming solutions, or you can use the Socio RTMP Player.

Industry-leading support is always close by - 24/5. Need extra support? Socio's Orange Glove Services help you plan, prep, and launch your event.

Elevate Production Value

Boost production value far beyond the confines of video conferencing. Easily bring speakers in and out of the broadcast, change speaker orientation using the platform's templated views, and weave in sponsor videos, overlays, and transitions, all with the click of a button.

On Brand Video Streaming

Customize your live streams with your own colors, logo, watermark, branding, and image overlays. You can add lower-thirds titles, GIFs, sponsor commercials, and even pre-recorded video.

Engage with Your Audience in Real Time

Connect with your audience in a more personal and interactive way by bringing user comments into the live stream. Speakers can see comments and point out interesting ideas from attendees in the live broadcast. 

Drive Action During Your Live Streams

Easily customize your CTAs and Socio Streaming will add it to your live stream with a single click. Ask attendees to visit a sponsor website, respond to a poll or Q&A, or take any other action to help you achieve your event goals.

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"Not only was the support outstanding, but I have never had an app work so well onsite at an event! We received a lot of positive feedback about the conference app from attendees and internals, and the lead retrieval app was a big hit! We are 100% going to use Socio for our next conference."

"We had a blast working with the Socio team! They were extremely helpful providing excellent customer service and quick turnaround time. The app was definitely a hit! Our attendees loved it."

"Without Socio, it took me four weeks, a product manager, three developers, and a ridiculous amount of cash and monthly cloud fees. I was up with the same thing with Socio in four hours."

Set Up Socio Streaming in a Single Click

Launching Socio Streaming is a breeze. Simply select "Socio Streaming" in the dropdown and your integration is done. If Socio Streaming doesn't work for your needs, we integrate with the leading providers, or you can use the Socio RTMP Player.

Request a Personalized Demo

Interested in learning more about Socio Streaming? Reach and one of our Event Experts will be in touch to get you set up for a personalized demo!